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Can you name the country each of these Nobel Prize for Physics laureates represented when they were awarded*?

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LaureateCountryYear of Award
Max Planck1901
Antoine Henri Becquerel1903
Lord Rayleigh1904
Johannes Diderik van der Waals1910
Nils Gustaf Dalén1912
Charles Édouard Guillaume1920
Niels Bohr1922
C. V. Raman1930
Erwin Schrödinger1933
Enrico Fermi1938
LaureateCountryYear of Award
Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton1951
Robert Hofstadter1961
Lev Davidovich Landau1962
Ivar Giaever1973
Abdus Salam1979
Bertram Brockhouse1990
Georges Charpak1992
Charles K. Kao2009
Hiroshi Amano2010
François Englert2013

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