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Can you name the country each of these Nobel Prize for Medicine/Physiology laureates represented when they were awarded*?

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LaureateCountryYear of Award
Emil Adolf von Behring1901
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov1904
Camillo Golgi1906
Santiago Ramón y Cajal1906
Sir Frederick Grant Banting1923
Willem Einthoven1924
Albert Szent-Györgyi1937
Sir Alexander Fleming1945
Bernardo Alberto Houssay1947
António Egas Moniz1949
Hugo Theorell1955
Robin Warren1960
LaureateCountryYear of Award
James Dewey Watson1962
Ragnar Granit1967
Har Gobind Khorana1968
Konrad Lorenz1973
Albert Claude1974
Werner Arber1978
Allan M. Cormack1979
David H. Hubel1981
Niels K. Jerne1984
Françoise Barré-Sinoussi2008
Shinya Yamanaka2012
May-Britt Moser2014

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