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Can you name the things in Asia that begin with the letter 'B'?

Quiz Updated Mar 20, 2018

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What city's attractions include Haedong Yongyung Temple and Shinsegae Centum City (the world's largest department store)?
What language is spoken as a first language by 33 million people in Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia?
The national anthems of Bangladesh and India and the national song of India were all first composed in which language?
Which world capital is home to 'Wat Phra Kaew', the 'Temple of the Emerald Buddha'?
Which Southeast Asian nation is a sultanate, separated into two parts by the Malaysian district of Limbang?
What is the only manmade structure in the world to stand above 800 m tall?
With a population of 205,000, the largest city in the Negev desert of southern Israel has what name?
Which kingdom is divided into twenty dzongkhags (districts), and has its capital located in Thimphu Dzongkhag?
Which country gained independence in 1971 and is now ruled by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa?
Which freshwater lake is the deepest in the world at 1,642 m (5,387 ft)?
Which capital city was considered to be the largest city in the world until it was largely destroyed by the Mongol Empire in 1258?
The world's worst industrial disaster, a toxic gas leak that killed over 3,500 people in 1984, occurred in which Central Indian city?
In 2012, which Filipino island was awarded as the best island in the world from travel magazine 'Travel + Leisure'?
What Asian city is the capital of Chuy Province, an oblast bounded on the north by Kazakhstan and by Issyk Kul to the east?
Which Asian capital can be reached by ferry from Cyprus via the nearby city of Jounieh?
Which capital has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Ming Tombs and the Summer Palace?
Which plant of the grass family is used for building materials and as a food source in South, Southeast and East Asia?
Batumi, a Georgian city serving as an important port and commercial center, is located on the coast of which sea?
Which island's highest point is Mount Agung and largest settlement Denpasar?
The host city of the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 was which Asian capital, referred to sometimes as the 'City of Winds'?

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