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Can you name the television characters that begin with 'A'?

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Forced Order
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ClueCharacterTV Show
Lively and colorful, as is her Puerto Rican heritageParks and Recreation
She plays the cello and lacrosseModern Family
Otherwise known as 'Trinity'Dexter
Britney SpearsHow I Met Your Mother
One of the Oceanic SixLost
This one likes cats - a lotThe Office (US)
The 'Cutthroat B***h'House
Thank you, come again!Simpsons
This character once asked Christina for a kissUgly Betty
'Not guilty'Damages
The series' primary villainBig Love
The shoes he wears ain't made for walkin'Glee
Speaks five languagesFringe
He doesn't have the ability to time travel, but he sure has done it a lotHeroes
ClueCharacterTV Show
Devil with yellow eyesSupernatural
Bone-headed detective of Bon TempsTrue Blood
Used to wear inappropriately short skirts at the Buy MoreChuck
This character will be in the mood for chocolate every now and thenDesperate Housewives
The first president of this character's 'kind'24
One of the few people whom Director Vance permits to call him 'Leon'NCIS
What do Callie, Lexie, Addison and Izzie have in common?Grey's Anatomy
$3875 monthly alimonyTwo and a Half Men
Loves liars, but hates cheatersEntourage
Refers to Dr. Brennan as 'Sweetie'Bones
Spent over $100,000 on video games and dive bar decorationsWeeds
Peter gets sexually harrassed by this characterFamily Guy
Character based on the real-life medium of the same nameMedium
The only home economics teacher we knowFriends

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