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Can you name the Votes Against Veteran Survivor Contestants?

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Original SeasonContestantTotal Votes
Survivor Cook Islands27
Survivor Australian Outback23
Survivor Pearl Islands21
Survivor Marquesas20
Survivor China19
Survivor Africa17
Survivor Vanuatu17
Survivor Australian Outback16
Survivor Pearl Islands16
Survivor Palau16
Survivor Borneo15
Survivor Thailand15
Survivor Cook Islands15
Survivor Gabon14
Survivor Borneo12
Survivor Australian Outback12
Survivor Australian Outback12
Survivor Vanuatu12
Survivor Cook Islands12
Survivor Borneo11
Survivor Africa11
Original SeasonContestantTotal Votes
Survivor Marquesas11
Survivor Cook Islands11
Survivor Fiji11
Survivor Palau10
Survivor China10
Survivor Tocantins10
Survivor Samoa10
Survivor Amazon9
Survivor Exile Island9
Survivor China9
Survivor Gabon9
Survivor Exile Island8
Survivor Tocantins8
Survivor Africa6
Survivor Borneo5
Survivor Palau5
Survivor Tocantins5
Survivor Australian Outback4
Survivor Amazon3
Survivor Pearl Islands1

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