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What 2 cleaning products can Spongebob not decide between in 'Culture ShockYes
Whose dream did Spongebob enter first in 'Sleepy Time'There once was a man from Peru...
Who came to thank Spongebob for a box of chocolates in 'Valentine's Day'PATRICK NEEDS LOVE TOOOOOO!!
What happened to the paper that fell in the oceanHAHA (sarcasm)
How many times is Squidward asked if he is 'ready to go jellyfishing' in 'Spongebob 129'It's Sunday. The Krusty Krab is closed
What is NOT Sandy's worst disguise yet in 'Karate Choppers'I love karate. I love kara-tay. I love moneyay. I hate all of you.
What do souls look like in 'Scardey Pants'Look! It's the haunted mattress!
Who does Squidward promise to take good care of in 'I was a teenage Gary'Jellyfishing! Jellyfishing!
What is assertiveness lesson number one in 'Walking Small'Uh, excuse me, sir, you're sitting on my body which is also my face.
What is the game Mr. Krabs becomes obsessed with in 'Arrgh!'Wolud you like a job startin' now? Boy would I. You're Fired!

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