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How many reps does Link do per set?
How did the Invisible Man die?
What are Monger's first two initials?
Combining what created B.O.B?
What did Dr. Cockroach make a supercomputer out of? (in order)
What was Galaxhar many zentons ago?
What are the first five colors (in order) on the hexidecimal color code system?
When was it decided that the 'Jane and Joe' public could not handle the truth about monsters?
What does Monger refer to the facility as?
What are the names of the couple who first see the robot probe?
What does the license plate of the boyfriend's car say?
What does Galaxhar want the quantonium extracted with?
What song does the president play for the robot probe?
What is the president's codename?
What new monster is SLOWLY making its way to Paris?
Final Question: What does B.O.B. stand for?

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