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Where are the Islets of Langerhans
During the reign of which English monarch was the first lottery?
Which if further north... Birmingham or Norwich?
What device is used to measure the speed of a green in golf?
What colour derives its name for the Latin root for 'shade'?
What precious substance has an ISO code of XPT?
Before mercury, what substance was used in liquid thermometers?
What relation in Josiah Wedgewood II to Charles Darwin?
What is the plastic covering on the end of a shoelace called?
Cropwell Bishop Stilton comes from which county?
How many boroughs does London have?
Which of the London boroughs is furthest North?
How many stations are there on the London Underground network
What is the term for a word used to describe the resident of a town or region?
Which town was briefly capital of England in 1381?
What was first held in Much Wenlock in 1850?
The name of which river is also a hugely successful Rolls Royce aircraft engine?
What measurement is the distance from the elbow to the middle fingertip?
How many sheets of paper in a printers ream?
What is the southern-most point on the English mainland?

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