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Earned his nickname for the colourful clothes that he wore
skull and cross bones insignia
she was suposedly the first American born pirate
is often credited with the creation of the stereotypical image of a pirate
no one is actually sure if he really was a pirate
one of the earliest documented pirates to use a wooden peg leg
got his nick name from his bright red beard
stereotypical species of bird known to sit upon a pirates shoulder
the most successful pirate of the Golden Age of Piracy, estimated to have captured more than 470 vessels
nicknamed 'The Gentleman Pirate'
was eventually killed and his head pickled by childhood friend
The first pirate to sail into the Pacific Ocean
said to have been the first Pirate to sail the skull and crossbones flag
is a nickname for what would be the devil, saint, or god of the seas (bottom of the sea)

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