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Tore was born in which Norwegian village?
Tore was born on which date?
Which members of Tore's family are also professional footballers?
Tore was known for his height, towering over defenders at a height of....
Tore began his career at which Norwegian club?
Tore played in English football for 4 clubs. Name any two. (Chronologically, and use shortened names)
Tore also played for 2 clubs outside of Norway and England. Name both.
In the 1999-2000 Champions' League Tore scored 8 goals in 16 appearances, name one club he scored against?
In total how many club career goals did Tore score?
Tore represented his country on how many occasions?
Against who did Tore score the first goal in a 2-1 comeback to secure Norway's only win of the 1998 World Cup?
Flo and co also beat this team by what scoreline a few years earlier in a friendly match?
This game left Tore with the nickname...?
For what reason did Tore choose to retire from international football in 2004?
Tore opened a training academy in 2009 for people between the ages of....
Tore finished 2nd on the Norwegian version of which show?

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