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Storm names are retired by the World Meteorological Organization's Hurricane Committee.
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Hint and YearStorm NameCategory and Location
_____ Burnett/Sep-54Category 3, Northeastern United States
Eye colors - blue, brown, black, green or ____ /Oct-54Category 4, The Caribbean, Eastern United States, Ontario
Francis or Chung /Aug-55Category 4, Mid-Atlantic states, New England
Sawyer or Lane/Aug-55Category 3, Mid-Atlantic states, New England
Dammit _____/ Sep-55Category 5, Lesser Antilles, Central America
____Hepburn. No the other one! /Jun-57Category 4, Southern United States
George says ''Say goodnight ___'' /Oct-59Category 4, Southern United States
_____ the Primadonna /Sep-60Category 5, The Caribbean, Eastern United States
Ironically, _____sburg, LA/Sep-61Category 5, Central America
____patra/Sep-64Category 4, The Caribbean, Southeastern United States
___ the (Children's) Explora /Sep-64Category 4, Southeastern United States
_____ Ross /Sep-65Category 4, Bahamas, Southeastern United States
____, you're breaking my heart /Aug-70Category 3, Cuba, United States Gulf Coast
____, Agatha, Jermaine and Jack/Jun-72Category 1, Mexico, Cuba, Eastern United States
One word opera /Sep-74Category 4, Central America, Mexico, United States Gulf Coast
Star of ... /Sep-79Category 5, The Caribbean, United States East coast
Goodnight Gracie's last name /Aug-80Category 5, The Caribbean, Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, South Texas
______ Keyes /Aug-83Category 3, Eastern Texas, Louisiana
Archie Bunker's daughter/ Oct-85Category 4, United States East Coast, Atlantic Canada
... of Arc/ Nov-88Category 4, Lesser Antilles, Colombia, Venezuela, Central America
Boss or Chavez/Sep-89Category 5, The Caribbean, United States East Coast
Princess _____/Sep-90Category 2, Yucatán Peninsula, central Mexico
Ironically, ___ the Builder /Aug-91Category 3, United States East Coast, Canada
____ LLoyd Weber /Aug-92Category 5, The Bahamas, Florida, United States Gulf Coast
Monroe (not James!)/Sep-95Category 3, The Caribbean, Bermuda
Sometimes pretty silica gemstone /Oct-95Category 4, Guatemala, Yucatán Peninsula, Eastern United States
You don't have to put on the red light/Oct-95Category 3, Mexico
Chaves, or Brutus former friend /Jul-96Category 1, Central America, Mexico
____ Drescher/Sep-96Category 3, Eastern United States, Toronto
Foreman's sons are all .../Oct-98Category 4, The Caribbean, United States Gulf Coast
____Ryder (from Detroit)/Nov-98Category 5, Central America, Yucatán Peninsula, South Florida
Pink ____/Sep-99Category 4, The Bahamas, Eastern United States, Atlantic Canada
____ Kravitz/Nov-99Category 4, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Leeward Islands
Urban or Moon/Oct-00Category 4, Central America
____ my Belle/Nov-01Category 4, Central America, Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas
''Turn Me Loose'' teen idol /Sep-03Category 4, Bermuda
San ___ Islands /Sep-03Category 2, Atlantic Canada
____ and the Choc Factory/Aug-04Category 4, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Florida, The Carolinas
Lighten up _____/Sep-04Category 4, The Caribbean, Eastern United States, Ontario
Ironically, ____ the Terrible/Sep-04Category 5, The Caribbean, Venezuela, United States Gulf Coast
Ironically, _____ the Menace Jul-05Category 4, Greater Antilles, Southeastern United States
Ironically, ______ and the Waves Aug-05Category 5, Bahamas, United States Gulf Coast
___ the Man /Oct-05Category 1, Mexico, Central America
Fred's cartoon wife /Oct-05Category 5, Greater Antilles, Central America, Florida
James ____ Martin /Aug-07Category 5, The Caribbean, Central America
____ Unger Sep-07Category 5, Nicaragua, Honduras
The first ___/ Nov-07Category 1, Greater Antilles, Eastern United States, Atlantic Canada
Dwight's nickname /Sep-08Category 4, Greater Antilles, Texas, Louisiana, Midwestern United States
Dracula or Frankenstein's hunchback assistant /Sep-10Category 4, Bermuda, Newfoundland
When you lie on the beach you get /Oct-12Category 3, The Caribbean,The Bahamas, United States East Coast, Eastern Canada

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