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Can you name the George's Girlfriends?

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The Ex-Girlfriend
The Truth
The Café
The Nose Job
The Red Dot
The Pez Dispenser
The Fix Up
The Boyfriend
The Good Samaritan
The Pitch
The Visa
The Outing
The Implant
The Mango & The Masseuse
The Lip Reader
The Conversion
The Marine Biologist
The Stand In
The Fire
The Hamptons
The Opposite
The Big Salad
The Couch and The Gymnast
The Switch
The Label Maker
The Beard
The Doodle
The Fusilli Jerry
The Face Painter
The Cadillac
The Little Kicks
The Package
The Chicken Roaster
The Abstinence
The Little Jerry
The Susie
The English Patient
The Yada Yada
The Muffin Tops
The Blood
The Blood
The Junk Mail
The Merv Griffin Show
The Betrayal
The Cartoon
The Strongbox
The Strongbox

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