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Can you get from 'love' to 'bean' in this word ladder using hints relating to our friendship?

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How I feel about you bb
What would I give if I could ___ out of these waters?
When we were moving in, you gave me the materials to ____ my drawers with
Because you're mathy and can figure this one out: 1-cos^2
Magic, madness, heaven, ___ (okay, so this doesn't totally work, but it almost does)
Your favorite computer game!
More math: products, quotients, ______
In Parks and Rec, Andy almost ____ the town for not filling in the pit when he gets hurt
A v important word when doing mystery lyrics quizzes relating to sight
When we first met, I thought you _____ed v cool (and I still do awwww)
Your plant will never grow this because it will prob die tbh
My fav song by the band that you wanted to get into last summer
What you wish I would do when I listen to country music
What we do basically every weekend
You got the MoHo ____!
You once bought a ____ top to get into a party that would have been less expensive in the first place (but it's a cute shirt anyway)
Blue button downs were a ____ to our Halloween costume
When you snore, I sometimes poke and ____ until you stop
Math things round 3: the lines on graph paper make a grid
My head is screaming, get a ____, girl- unless you're dying to cry your heart out
What I do every time I walk in the door when the shoes are inside
Women in yogurt commercials: it's a ____
A phrase that you hear me say probably too often 'holy ____'
These do not exist at MoHo
I'd be ____ting on the inter web; maggots pray upon the living dead
I still don't believe you that it's warm enough
Salmon shorts and _____ shoes
Whenever we play sporcle together, you ____ me
A vegetable that we both dislike (as everyone should)
Nice to meet you, where you ____?
I'm the ___ to your pickle

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