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Can you name the the word/s that start with the 2-4 letters of the previous word (Like School -> Oolong or School -> Oldies)?

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Greek god of the sea
'Favored' snack of cops
A flavoring used by many dishes
To stir someone into action
Province of Canda
Second largest city of Brazil
A series of short stories by Isaac Asimov
Landlocked country in Africa
Rearranging the letters in a word
Award ceremony for music
Online social network site
A Taiwanese computer brand
The Desert Fox
Actor of William Wallace in Braveheart
Common beginning to fairy tales
PST and EST are examples of these
Producers of Butterfingers and Baby Ruths
A Barney Stinson phrase (Wait for it...)
Actor in Lars and the Real Girl
Most common Vietnamese name

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