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Can you name the places/plot/characters in Up the Movie?

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CharacterOld man whose wife dies and house floats
CharacterWife of the old man
CharacterLittle boy who joins with the old man
CharacterLong searched after bird
CharacterFriendly dog that likes to point
CharacterThe old man's idol when younger
CharacterLeader of the above's pack of dogs
PlaceDesitination of the old man
PlotOld man's job
PlotWife's job
PlotThe old man hits the constrution worker with this
PlotYoung boy is a member of this group
PlotYoung boy wanted this badge
PlotOld man sends little boy to find this animal to earn his badge
PlotRetirement home where old man was going
PlotGiven to the old man from his wife and given to the little boy at the end
PlotThe bird loves this treat
PlotPut on a dog for punishment.
PlotThe bird gets bitten in this part of his body
PlotThe little boy was going to eat this food in the airship
PlotThe little boy uses this to propel his balloons when going to rescue the bird
PlotThe dogs in the airship are seen playing this game when the little boy passes by
PlotName of the flying vessel used by the main villain
OtherUp won this award in the academy awards
OtherUp also won this award

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