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What is Morgan's favorite flavor of ice cream?It's a multiword flavor.
What is Morgan's favorite TV show?This show airs on the History Channel.
What is Morgan's favorite food to eat for dinner?This food is big in Italy.
What is Morgan's favorite dessert?This dessert involves liquid.
How many siblings does Morgan have?Spell out the answer.
What is Morgan's favorite activity involving water?It's not mini-golf.
Which room at school did Morgan spend the most time in as a fourth grader?This is a number.
Which room at school does Morgan spend the most time in as a fifth grader?This is also a number.
What is Morgan's favorite book?Mr. Palmer loves this book, too.
What musical instrument does Morgan play?It's not a tuba.
Morgan is in a band with what other fifth grader?Good luck with this one.
What animal is included as part of their band's name?You may find this animal on a farm.
What food is included as part of their band's name?The average American consumes about 20 pounds of this food per year.
What country does Morgan most want to visit?This country is in Asia.
When is Morgan's birthday (month and date)?Good luck on this one, too.
What kind of pet does Morgan have?It's not a llama.
What is the name of that pet?It's the same name as Andy's dog in 'Toy Story.'
What kind of pet does Morgan hope to get in the spring?It's not a camel.
What does Morgan want to name that pet?It's also the name of an army vehicle.
How many letters are in Morgan's last name?Spell out the answer.

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