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LyricSong Name
'... Let your mother pray. (_______) I gotta gun the other day from SAKO....'
'Transforming us into muted dreams, dreaming of the day that we______.'
'Warning! Post-hypnotic ________ running the ships ashore.'
'________ in the sky, when you lose small mind you free your life.'
'Such a _______ and it's mine. The most ___est_____ of my life.'
'Eating seeds as a past-time activity, the ______ of our city, of our city.'
'Custard dreams abusing, musing, _________ flesh, naked spread am I.'
'May i please remain in my place, for ______ screech by my desires.'
'A _______, invitation to peace, war staring you in the face.'
'The _______ all in tune. The evening of the moon.'
'___________, ____________, Why? As we light up the sky.
'Everytime you drop the bomb you kill the God your child has born, _____! ______! _____! _____!'
'I know the weather's gonna be fine. I can't see you 'cross the _________'
'Friction, lines, bumps. The __________ complete. The signs are all turning right'
'Wired, were the eyes of a horse on a ______, one that smiled when he flew over the bay.'
'They disguised and ________d it, television made you buy it.'
'The senses collect undeniable data, a beta carotine and __________'
'________ of screaming, someone kick me out of my mind, i hate these thoughts i can't deny.'
LyricSong Name
'We're cool, in denial, we're the cruel regulators smoking _______ ________ cigar.'
'Welcome to the _______ where there's no one here but me. People all grow up to die, there is no one here but me.'
'You ever try to fly? _______ You never think you _______ why?
'All of what remains, _________, Man made shame, shame long after it rains.'
'____________ sipping through a little glass, i'm looking for some help, i need someone to save her a**.'
'_______! Groupie! Cocaine! Crazy!'
'Walk with me my little child, to the _____ of denial.'
'Hello, my name is ______. Well hello, my name is ______.'
'I've got _______ on my mind, I've got ______ on my mind, I've got ________ on my mind!'
'Hey, ______, is that the mouthwash in your eyes?'
'_______ has failed our world. _______ has failed our mother Earth.'
'Can you hear the ________? Liar! Killer! Demon! Back to the river AraS.'
'Photographic relapse. People feeding frenzy. The _______ is so lovely.'
'It's a ___________, ch**ing chicks and s***my, the kind of sh*t you get on the TV.'
'I think me, i want life, i think me, i want a house and a wife. I want to _______, _______, ______ til the break of dawn, yeah.'
'You and me will all go down in history, with a ________ of Liberty and a generation that didn't agree.'
'...his child, Partisan brother of ______. Of _____ we don't speak anymore.'
'i remember the soldier standing next to me, riding on _______.'

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