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What Geatish King is Beowulf the nephew of?
What causes Grendel's rage and fuels his violence towards herot
Who Does Beowulf swim against in a race?
Why does Beowulf lose the race after he is blown off course?
What is hung in the Meade hall to honor Beowulf after he defeats Grendel?
How does Grendel's mother respond to the death of her son?
The sword that Beowulf kills Grendel's mother with is said to have been forged by?
What trophy does Beowulf return to Herot with after slaying Grendel's mother?
What sword does Beowulf break when battling Grendel's mother?
Grendel and his mother are said to be decedents of?
The king of Herot is Hrothgar but who is his wife?
Who does Beowulf become king of?
Which warrior loyally stays to fight the dragon with Beowulf?
What culture's values are represented in Beowulf?
What country does the tale take place in?
Why does Beowulf fight without a weapon or armor?

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