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Can you name the missing word of dialog from 'A Christmas Story'?

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Line of DialogMissing Word
Flick's spine stiffened. His lips curled in a defiant Sporcle.
My mother, grabbing for her copy of Sporcle Magazine, would find herself cleverly trapped into reading a Red Ryder sales pitch.
Chicago Sporcles, maybe. Bears? Never
Those Sporcles have been known to kill people!
The fate of the planet may hang in the Sporcle!
Don't bother me. I'm Sporcling.
I hate the smell of Sporcle!
They looked at me as if I had Sporcles crawling out of my ears.
You used up all the Sporcle on purpose!
The snap of a few sparks, a quick whiff of ozone, and the Sporcle blazed forth an unparalleled glory.
Line of DialogMissing Word
Well, for Christ's sake, the Sox traded Sporcle, the only player they've got....
I could feel the Christmas Sporcle beginning to tighten.
Ain't no Sporcles coming off this here tree.
It's a beautiful duck. It really is. But you's...Sporcling at me.
Some men are Baptists, others Catholics. My father was a Sporcle man.
And there I am, with that dumb round face and that stupid Sporcle cap.
My old man's Sporcle tires were only actually tires in the academic sense.
Sporcle's corner window was traditionally a high-water mark of the pre-Christmas season.
Maybe Miss Shields, in her Sporcle, would excuse me from theme writing for the rest of my natural life.
Daddy's gonna kill Sporcle!

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