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Less Exciting Movie TitleActual Movie Title
There Might Be Urine
States Aren't for Children
1986: Road Trip
Planet Fights
Idea 7 from the Moon
Okay Looking in Salmon
Bird Hat: Boys in Pants
Bronze Retina
Canadian Average
A Taxicab Called Want
Kenyan Princess
Medical Student Oddlike
Getting Prepared to Leave with the Breeze
Less Exciting Movie TitleActual Movie Title
Slight Dizziness
It's a Satisfactory Few Years
A Couple of Fairly Decent Boys
Butterknife Jogger
Who's Nervous About Sylvia Plath?
The Duchess Fiance
Hopping Around with Dogs
Standing Still in the Present
Thursday Afternoon Lamps
The Quick and the Sort of Upset
10 pm Farmhand
The Prince's Discussion
Injured Shoulder Hill
Sweetie, I Made the Babies a Little Smaller

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