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Can you name the Grapes of Wrath, or Twilight??

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It swelled and paused, and a growl came into the response.
A heavy silence fell in the tent.
As the Protestants came into power, he was enthusiastic in his persecution of Roman Catholics and other religions.
The water was dark gray, even in the sunlight, whitecapped and heaving to the gray, rocky shore.
But it was there, safe and clear, winding its way out of the dripping green maze.
A huge red transport stood in front of the little roadside restaurant.
'Hello,' he said in a quiet, musical voice.
How do we know it’s us without our past?
The fire died down and the stars descended.
The road spread dimly over the weak lights of the car.
And the light of the coming morning made his forehead seem to shine, and his hands, swinging beside him, flicked into the light and out again.
He took a deep breath and gazed at the sky again.
The tense atmosphere had slowly subsided into a casual conversation.
And the rain whipped white streaks through the lights.

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