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Can you name the Behavioural Ecology References by Dates

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1966Foraging theory graph
1977Great tits, foraging
1978Guillemots, predator attraction
1978Fieldfares, mobbing
1981Blue-jays and moths, foraging
1982Spotted sand piper, polyandry
1984Starlings, foraging
1985Bees, load
1986Parasitism, sociality
1987Red winged blackbird, foraging
1992Voles, arms race
1994North American coot, conflict
1995water spider, arms race
1998cuckoo and magpie, arms race
1998Acorn woodpecker, co-op and conflict
2000Fairy wren, monogamy and conflict
2000Inverts, polyandry (negative towards female)
2002Mongoose, stranger aggression towards females)
2004Mongoose, escorting is good
2005Sand tiger shark, sibling rivalry
2007Kittiwake, strong pair bonds
2008Fallow Deer, lekking (negative)
2008Hyena (same sex twins- siblicide)
2010Chimpanzees, better fathers
2010Sea lion, male aggression (infanticide)
2011Bearded reedling, monogamy
2011Black Grouse, lekking
2013Great diving beetles, arms race

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