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QUIZ: Can you name the Behavioural Ecology References- guess the date

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EmlenForaging theory graph
CowieGreat tits, foraging
Malte and AnderssonGuillemots, predator attaction
Andersson and WiklundFieldfares, mobbing
SargentBlue-jays and moths, arms race
Oring and LankSpotted sand piper, polyandry
KalcelnikStarlings, foraging
Schimd-HempelBees, load
Brown and BrownParasitism, sociality
EckertRed winged blackbird, foraging
YlonenVoles, arms race
LyonNorth American coot, conflict
Anqvist and RoweWater spider, arms race
SolerCuckoo and magpie, arms race
KoenigAcorn woodpecker, co-op and conflict
Double and CockburnFairy wren, monogamy and conflict
Anqvist and NilssonInverts, polyandry (negative towards females)
CantMongoose, stranger aggression (conflict)
GilchristMongoose, escorting is good (co-op)
LeggeSand tiger shark, conflict (siblicide)
NavesKittiwake, strong pair bonds
FricoeaFallow deer, polygyny- lekking (negative)
HoferHyena, conflict (siblicide)
BoeschChimpanzees, better fathers
GerberSea lion, conflict (male-male aggression and infanticide)
Griggio and HoiBearded reedling, monogamy
SvobodovaBlack grouse, polygyny- lekking
GreenGreat diving beetle, arms race

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