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Lives in the Simpson Desert. Was once thought to be a subspecies of the mulgara as it's identical in appearance and behaviour (apart from feeding). Classed as endangered.A
Some say they look like mini kangaroos, these little 'pests' live in the outback and were actually introduced to Australia by Europeans. B
Flightless bird. Lives in jungle areas. Has a reputation for being angry and dangerous. Their kicks have been known to kill a child.C
Australian wild dog. Found in all states apart from Tasmania.D
Another large flightless bird. Three toes, long legs and can run fast.E
Is a reptile and has an icon maine-like frill, which is unfolded when this particular animal becomes angry. It also runs on its two back legs with it's mouth open. F
Part of the cockatoo family, an iconic Australian bird. It has grey and pink plumage, and it's name is a slang word for an 'Idiot' or 'Fool'. G
Despite their name, a bite from one of these will not be fatal, though it may hurt and cause swelling. They have 8 hairy legs and are found throughout the south-east of Australia. H
There are many species of this bird, including scarlet and giant. The one found in Oz is called the 'Australian White. It has a long, downcurved bill, white feathers, black head.I
A variety of this particular animal is found in Australian waters, including the box, bluebottle and irukandji. Their stings can be fatal. They have tentacles. J
A very famous resident of Australia. They have a flat nose, big ears, clawed feet and grey & white fur. K
From the Parrot family, this beautifully coloured bird can actually be quite aggressive when it comes to food.L
This little creature has a rather large name, consisting of three words starting with M, P, P. It's a type of possum.M
A small marsupial, feeds on termites, is sometimes known as a banded anteater. It has a reddish-brown coat with white stripes running across it's back.N
This poisonous snake is a member of the cobra family. Can reach up to 50cm long, has a coloured body, with dark flecks, barred lips and a white/cream belly. O
Large bird. Very common all over Australia. Will make a home on any land with a suitable piece of water near it (fresh or saltwater).P
Resemble a small wallaby, with small rounded ears, and brown or greyish fur. They feed at night on grass and leaves, but can go for long periods of time without food or water.Q
This particular animal comes in many variations; brush-tailed, prosperine, black-footed and yellow-footed. This animal's name consists of two words starting with R & W. R
One of Australia's deadly marine animals. Resembles a rock, so can blend in with it's surroundings very well. They have thirteen sharp venomous dorsal spines on their back.S
A carnivorous marsupial, only found in the state of Tasmania. Size of a small dog. Makes a horrible growling sound. T
This type of butterfly is used as an emblem for Queensland tourism. Has a wingspan of approx 5.5 inches. Females are usually bright blue.U
These are approx. 1m long, and have short legs. Like Koalas, they have a backwards pouch to carry their young in. They have rodent-like front teeth and powerful claws. W
A wide spread crustacean looks a lot like a smaller version of the more well known lobster. Their colour can vary depending on the colour of the water they live in. Y
This small bird is now commonly kept as a pet in aviaries across the world. These birds have a bright red beak, and have black, white, grey and brown feathers, with orange cheeksZ

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