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Cryptic CluesBand or ArtistInitials
This young man prepared for his death. WY
Exploding pet. AK
Better than the average homeless person. S
I saw Mousetrap the other night, but the heating was knackered.C
He doesn't like women, yet he's got a couple of kids. That's a bit weird. PD
The top of them curtains are wrecked; all the material's worn. HV
At the moment I'm in a river full of logs.JT
That army has got some well nice trenches. DW
Cryptic CluesBand or ArtistInitials
I was in Texas, I landed on my knees in a puddle.WH
The unmarried lady is a friend I eat out with.MD
That Scottish fella has made an error. M
Hope you're not speeding when you meet these.TP
You've been dunking that for too long.LB
Do you think your kid will get that strawberry for me? WP
If you're going to do that with your drink, I'd wait for it to settle a bit.CK
Don't be selfish, hand some of it out to your mates. C

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