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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these questions about Game of Thrones Series 1/Book 1?

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Forced Order
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What are the House Stark words?
Which house is the wealthiest in the 7 kingdoms?
What is the name of Daenerys’ Black Dragon?
What is the name of Lord Eddard’s Bastard son?
What is the name of the giant ice structure in The North?
Who is Joffrey’s biological father?
Which house does Theon belong to?
What is the name of Eddard’s eldest daughter?
Who gave Arya her sword Needle?
What organisation does Jon Snow join?
What is the name of King Robert’s bastard son?
What is the Sigil of House Baratheon?
How many trueborn Stark children are there?
How many new gods are there?
What title does Dany gain when she weds Drogo?
Who gives Viserys ‘a Golden Crown’?
How many Dragons Does Dany have?
What is the Sigil of House Tyrell?
Who kills Khal Drogo?
Who kills Sansa’s wolf Lady?
What relation is Lord Tywin to Tyrion?
What colours are on the Targaryen banner?
Who was The conqueror?
What are the names of the Lannister Twins?
Who is known as the Spider?
Where is the seat of House Mormont?
Where are Dany and Viserys in exile at the beginning?
What is the name of Ned’s Sister?
Who is the Knight of Flowers?
Who are the Umbers bannermen to?
What is the name of the castle in King’s Landing?
What is the name of Daenerys’ and Drogo’s unborn son?
Who won the Melee at The Tourney of The Hand?
What does Daenerys call her horse?
Who is known as The Hound?
What are the words of House Tully?
What is the name of Ned’s brother who goes missing beyond the wall?
Who is the Grand maester in Kings Landing?
What is the name of the City where maesters train?
Who says ‘you win or you die’?
Where is The Eyrie?
Name one of the New Gods.
Who says ‘I do not have a gentle heart’?
Which group of islands is home to the castle of Pyke?
What is Littlefinger’s Title/job in Kings Landing?
Which Dragon was known as ‘The Dread’?
What is the name of the Martell’s Castle?
Who is the King’s Justice?
Who teaches Arya her ‘Dancing’ Lessons?
Who did Rhaegar Targaryen wed?
What are the words of House Arryn?
Where is Lannisport?
Who built Harrenhal?
What is the unofficial anthem of House Lannister?
What is The Red Waste?
What do the Pyromancers make?
Jeor Mormont is the ___th Lord commander of The Nights Watch.
What is the name of the sword Jon Snow is given by Mormont?
Which actress plays Arya Stark in the HBO Series?
What is the name of Aegon the Conqueror’s younger sister?

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