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You're as classy as your nasty hair extensions.Everything about you is a lie. Your boobs are a lie; your face is a lie. The only thing honest about you is the pimples on your chin???
Maybe Matt wasn't the Brains after all because I beat him, and you know I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer???
I would never wipe my face with a real dollar bill; that's sickening. I mean most of those, let's face it, come out of strippers G-strings???
You're a homo sapien Brendon, not a wizard???
I'm going to miss talking about how highwasted Kristens pants are, how skanky Rachel is dressing, how annoying her laugh is, and all the things we do with her hair extensions ???
I'm so pissed right now. We were so freakin close, and we let some idiot, who wasn't even smart enough to put pants on before we started the competition, win.???
I lost my dignity on a slippery wiener???
I've fought so hard that I have to get another injection of Botox because I have so many wrinkles right now???
If giving up a half million dollars for somebody you love makes you an idiot, I guess i'm an idiot???
We formed this alliance called the Brigade. I have no clue what a brigade is???
When I saw Rachel walk through that door, I wanted to throw up all over myself???
Why don't you get us a drink, Ra-tress???
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The challenge is like a Texas bar fight. You get slammed from wall to wall. People pour alcohol on your head, and you wake up the next morning and your testicles hurt???
Slop, to me, is like an ex-girlfriend. I want nothing to do with it???
You got Sabo-bitched by her, yo???
Someone that really stuck on to me was Andrew because he's Jewish and so he wears a Yom Kippur - I believe that's what it's called???
I didn't know Jewish guys wore ninja outfits when they pray. That's the good thing about Big Brother, I can learn about different cultures and how they work???
Rachel's laugh is like a cackling hyena mixed with a hog off a farm???
$5,000? That's more than i've made in the past two years!???
I have spent the last week crying like a 40-year-old woman watching Oprah.. I'm sure I'm like a bipolar hot tranny mess???
I've been called a ballbuster before, but who knew I was actually that good at it????
I vote to institutionalize and evict Andrew ???
I don't usually go sliding on KY jelly, believe it or not???
Brains go out the window as soon as you walk through those doors???
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Created Dec 23, 2014ReportNominate
Tags:Quote Quiz, Big Brother, Brother, USA

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