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QUIZ: Can you name the Skins quotes (series 4)?

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Forced Order
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who said each of the following quotes?
'He may be little, but for your further information he's sweet, trustworthy and totally hung, okay!?'
'I wrote you a song, I just can't get the hang of... titting pisswit instructions were in Japanese! Oh, **** me up the arse three ways! Come on, you donkey ****!'
'You're making me mad now. And that's exactly what love's supposed to do.'
'Oh, you want to sponsor me! That good, 'cos we're saving a polar bear.'
'I don't think you know what I am, mate.'
'I could be dead in a second. Everything's... so... fragile. Didn't you realise that? We were special.'
'Listen to me very carefully, Naomi: you need to get a message to the Dog Lord of Azerbaijan. He's got my toilet ticket.'
'You are such a **** cliche.'
who said each of the following quotes?
'I'd like a Capribena, straight up, on the rocks, with a twist.'
'You wanna do breakfast? I can fry you, poach you, scramble you... Do you any way you like.'
'He's as gay as a window!'
'Stay alive! I will find you!'
'Pissed on ol' Panda Pops didn't ya? Who's the lucky lady anyway to have got Congo-cocked?'
'There's been an unexpected warp in the space-time continuum.'
'It doesn't matter what I got. None of this matters. It's just numbers on a page. It's not real, not to me anyway. You're all great, all great people, but I think, I think I'm fini

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