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Can you name the Reaction pathways for alkane derivatives and their conditions?

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ReactionReaction TypeReactants and Reaction conditions
Alkane-Lower AlkaneAl2O3+ SiO2 Catalyst at 500C
Alkane-Lower AlkeneSteam, 850C
Alkane-AlkenesAl2O3+SiO2 Catalyst at 500C
Lower Alkane- HaloalkaneHalogen with UV light to initiate
Haloalkane- AlkaneH2 with a Ni Catalyst
Alkene- AlcoholH2O+ H3PO4 Catalyst 330C
Alcohol- AlkeneConcentrated H2SO4 at 170C
Haloalkene- Primary AmineExcess conc. NH3 in ethanol solvent, heat
Primary Amine- Secondary AmineHaloalkane in ethanol solvent, heat
Secondary Amine-Tertiary AmineExcess Haloalkane in ethanol solvent, heat
Tertiary Amine- Quaternary AmineLarge excess of haloalkane in ethanol solvent, heat
Haloalkane- NitrileKCN in ethanol solvent, heat
Nitrile- Primary AmineLiAlH4 in ethoxyethane solvent
Primary Alcohol- AldehydeK2Cr2O7+ H2SO4; distill
ReactionReaction TypeReactants and Reaction conditions
Secondary Alcohol- KetoneExcess K2Cr2O7+ H2SO4 Catalyst
Aldehyde- Carboxylic AcidExcess K2Cr2O7+ H2SO4 Catalyst
Carboxylic Acid- EsterAlcohol with conc. H2SO4 Catalyst
Carboxylic Acid- Acid ChloridePCl5
Ester- Carboxylic AcidHeat with dilute H2SO4
Nitrile- Carboxylic AcidHeat with dilute H2SO4
Acid Chloride- Carboxylic AcidH2O
Carboxylic Acid- AldehydeLiAlH4 in ethoxyethane solvent
Aldehyde- AlcoholLiAlH4 in ethoxyethane solvent
Ketone- AlcoholLiAlH4 in ethoxyethane solvent
Aldehyde- 2-hydroxynitrileConcentrated solution of HCN and acidification
Ketone- 2-hydroxynitrileConcentrated HCN solution and acidification
Acid Chloride- AmideAmmonia or amine
Acid Chloride- EsterAlcohol

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