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Can you name the commonly misspelled A words?

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more that a little
what high schoolers are told to do
there is room at our table
hello, didn't see you there
hello, nice to meet you
when you recive a gift
beginning of a Beatles song
not really but
organisms do this in new environments
sorta ok, but not really
you got in!
before you are an adult
comercials are the best during the super bowl
talkin' politics, are you for or
don't bother me
you suck, it is not
in spite of the fact you are ugly, I'll go out with you
blank and forever
you are not a professional because you are an
surrounded by all of these woodchucks
I am scrutinizing everything you do
this year and next year and the year after that ....
what is coming next?
right under your nose
look in a mirror
#!@%#, so not
I'll fight you, with my words
a circle
you find these in a newspaper
don't kill me, I'm famous
you are not this because you are on sporcle
I fight you
go to class, don't be stupid
watch a show, get cultured
write a book, but make it good
your extra
this is

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