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Can you name the Canterbury Tales Character List Sierra and Megan?

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A “fine and worthy” man who “had loved all chivalry, truth and honour, freedom and courtesy”. You’ll often spot him riding a horse, wearing “a cotton tunic stained with
A man “certain of his facts, whenever he bargained or struck contracts”, he “spoke his mind impressively, describing all the profit he got”. You’ll locate him with a fork
“With his false flattery and craft”, this man carries “a pillow case, which he claimed was made from Our Lady’s veil”, as well as several other relics. You’ll find him
This man is “hunch-shouldered, broad, solid all round”, and is known for his door smashing talents “by ramming with his head”. You’ll spot a wart on his nose, “on which
This fine fellow can “roast and boil and griddle and fry, make ground-meat pottage and bake a pie”. You’ll locate him with “a scabbed ulcer on his shin”.
A “fond and familiar face, to rich landowners all over the place”, this holy man is “a pillar of strength”. You’ll frequently spot him hearing confessions and collecting
“Knowing havens, the moon and navigation, there was no better man in any nation” . You’ll spot him with dark, tanned skin, occasionally stealing wine from the captain.
A saintly woman whose “table manners were the best of all...taking pains to display a courtly mien”. You’ll often find her weeping over dead mice or wearing a golden brooch w
This modern man chooses not to follow the “rules of Saints Maurus and Benedict, because they were quite old and somewhat strict”, and quite frankly he “didn’t give a jot fo
This woman “knew most cures for love by fortunes chance, for she was well versed, in that ancient dance”. You’ll often find her sporting brightly colored kerchiefs, with scar
This handsome lad sports a “fiery red cherubim’s face, so sore and puffed, it made his eyes narrow”. His “blotches, blackheads and boils...made him so ugly that children we
A humble man “rich in faith and charity...he taught the law of Christ and his twelve, but first he followed it himself”. You’ll locate him ministering to the “sick, sad and
This “lover and lusty bachelor...composed his own songs and took great delight in jousting, in poetry”. You’ll find him with golden curls, wearing a short gown “with sleeve
On “his horse as thin as a rake”, this lad “loved to study, and loved teaching too”. You’ll most likely see him with his nose in a book, “for he would much rather have
“A diligent and honest worker”, this man “would thresh, dig, do any labour for Christ’s sake, for any poor man in need, not wanting pay if he could do the deed”. You’ll
This moderate man knows “the cause of every malady” and he can “at once prescribe a remedy”. You’ll often notice him “saving those earnings the pestilence sent”, spen
Able to “quote each case and the judgements explain, which have made common law”, this man sits high on his horse, “fully empowered by letters from the king, because of his r
With “a sanguine temperament”, this man “lived in the keen pursuit of pleasure, believing that happiness and leisure as Epicurus taught, were the chief aim”. You’ll frequ
“A thin, quick-tempered man”, this bailiff “managed well, both granary and bin; no auditor could easily fault him”. You’ll spot him on his horse called Scott, riding at t
This wise man “buyers should take as an example”, for “when using cash or credit he was so good at waiting for just the right moment to buy, that he was always in pocket, pro

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