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In the opening scene of the series, Leslie tries to remove a drunken man from what piece of playground equipment?Ep 1.1 'Pilot'
What does Andy - and afterwards Leslie - ask Ann to make for him in the kitchen?
On what street is the pit located?
What video game do Leslie and Ann find Andy, April, and Mark playing instead of canvassing?Ep 1.2 'Canvassing'
What holiday themed event (that Tom forgets to help with) opens the episode?
What book does Leslie read from in order to filibuster her own forum?
What board game does Tom intentionally lose to Ron on the computer? Ep 1.3 'The Reporter'
Andy originally fell into the pit because he thought he saw what at the bottom?
What are the final two words of Shauna's article about the pit?
What two items does Leslie take from the basket to keep the 'Boys' Club meeting' going?Ep 1.4 'Boys' Club'
What item does Andy's neighbor steal from him while he's bathing in the pool in the backyard?
Name any of the three female politicians Leslie mentions in her apology video.
What profession does Salvatore Manfrelotti, who Leslie sees before the banquet, belong to?Ep 1.5 'The Banquet'
Janine Restrepo is the 'queen of' what government entity?
Give the last name of any living former Tellenson award winner seated at Marlene's table (other than Marlene herself).
Andy finally gets what removed at the beginning of the episode?Ep 1.6 'Rock Show'
Andy's band is actually named what at the beginning of the show?
Leslie's date compares her to 'a young' what stage and screen actress?
What song does Leslie sing over and over again during and after her night at The Bulge?Ep 2.1 'Pawnee Zoo'
What song does Leslie 'rap' to open season two?
What are the names of the 'gay penguins' that Leslie marries?
Who goes out on their first date in this episode?Ep 2.2 'The Stakeout'
What medical condition is Ron suffering from?
Name either of the two 'instruments' Leslie plays in the stakeout van.
Who quits the pageant after finding out the majority of the prize is a coupon for a fence?Ep 2.3 'Beauty Pageant'
Tom warns everyone never to go to what exotic club?
What nickname does Tom give to pageant contestant Susan Gleever?
In this episode, we first learn about what alter ego of Ron Swanson?Ep 2.4 'Practice Date'
Who is the 10 on Ron's 10-point scale of human beauty?
Through what department store had April driven a riding lawn mower?
From what country do the Sister City ambassadors hail?Ep 2.5 'Sister City'
What gift do the ambassadors give to Pawnee?
At a public forum, one attendee starts throwing what item at Leslie?
Kaboom's goal is to build what in a day?Ep 2.6 'Kaboom'
What actor does Leslie's 'Man Pillow' look like?
Andy says that the 'key to volunteering' is 'a lot of' what?
What does Greg Pikitis leave in the Parks Department that Leslie says is his calling card?Ep 2.7 'Greg Pikitis'
Where does Greg Pikitis go to hire a fake mother to get him out of trouble?
Who does Tom dress up as to attend Ann's Halloween Party?
What hated place tries to file a claim for Lot 48?Ep 2.8 'Ron and Tammy'
Name either of the two female historical figures Tammy 2 asks Leslie who she'd rather be.
What four words are on the Post-It Note Leslie writes to Donna and Donna eventually posts to a window in front of Leslie? (Must be exact.)
What 'word' does Jerry accidentally call his submission to the contest?Ep 2.9 'The Camel'
What actor is the 'Jesus' figure in Donna's 'Last Supper' recreation?
April's submission would include a flat-screen TV showing looped video of what?
Who shoots Ron? (Boola boola boola?)Ep 2.10 'Hunting Trip'
What does April give Andy in order to make Ann jealous?
What kind of bird does Leslie shoot? Boola boola boola!
Andy attempts to hustle Mark by playing what game?Ep 2.11 'Tom's Divorce'
What dinosaur-themed restaurant does everyone go to on Jerry's suggestion?
Leslie pays for a stripper for Tom. What does she think the stripper's name is?
With whom does the media think Leslie had an affair?Ep 2.12 'Christmas Scandal'
What does Mark buy for Ann for Christmas?
What is Andy's first suggestion for what April should buy her gay boyfriend for his birthday?
What friend of Ann's is introduced to help Leslie with a legal matter?Ep 2.13 'The Set Up'
Name either of the movies that Mark spoils the ending of to Ann.
Leslie's ideal man 'has the brains of ____ in the body of ____' (Must be in correct order.)
Leslie 'hires' several people (other than Andy) to help her with her party, who are all what?Ep 2.14 'Leslie's House'
At the dinner party, what does April put in Leslie's boyfriend's pockets?
During Leslie's interrogation, Ron acts as a hostile witness and answers all his questions with other questions. Name any of the five.
What does Tom call his iPod attached to a vacuum cleaner?Ep 2.15 'Sweetums'
Tom enlists Mark and others to help him do what?
What is the name of Nick Newport Jr.'s dog who appears in the Nutriyums commercial?
Who tells the romantic story about a lost love at Galentine's Day?Ep 2.16 'Galentine's Day'
Name any of the three songs Mouse Rat performs during the Valentine's Day Dance.
What is the name of the man from the story who Leslie and Justin track down?
Tom, Jean-Ralphio, and Andy all share a share in what Pawnee nightclub?Ep 2.17 'Woman of the Year'
Elise Yarktin is from what institution that Leslie has been a dues-paying member of since she was 9?
Who is the namesake of the Female Empowerment Award that Leslie covets?
Two members of what ineffective branch of government are part of Leslie's task force to catch the possum?Ep 2.18 'The Possum'
Name either of those characters.
What does Ron give to Mark as a thank you for his help getting his workshop up to code?
What SNL alum plays a park ranger named Carl Lorthner?Ep 2.19 'Park Safety'
What was Jerry charged with filling when he was 'mugged'?
Ann watches a lot of Lifetime movies. What is the name of the Terri Palliber Lonergan story?
What two people appear on the cover of the catalog?Ep 2.20 'Summer Catalog'
What did former Parks Director Michael Tansley plant in parks all around the city?
Former Parks Director David Moser is awfully proud of whizzing on what?
Leslie chains herself to a gate to try to stop what from being demolished at Turnbill Mansion?Ep 2.21 '94 Meetings'
What date did April schedule 93 meetings for because she thought it didn't exist?
What color does Jessica Wicks paint the foyer of the mansion, claiming 'it's Nicky's favorite color'? (Must be exact.)
What is Leslie's idea for what Mark should do for the telethon?Ep 2.22 'Telethon'
Who is Leslie's big celebrity guest who donates a check to the foundation?
What slogan does Leslie come up with for her telethon T-shirts?
What month of the year does Andy title his ode to April?Ep 2.23 'The Master Plan'
What 1993 song did Ben play at his mayoral swearing-in ceremony?
What 80's actor does Andy mistakenly refer to Jean-Ralphio as?
Who is excited to be a part of a budget-slashing team?Ep 2.24 'Freddy Spaghetti'
At the end of the episode, Leslie and Mark give each other parting gifts at Lot 48. Name either of those gifts.
What 4-word question finishes the quote from Ben: 'The government has been shut for two days, and one city employee has tried to schedule 14 meetings with me. ____?'
What does the Parks Department decide to bring back in order to save the department?Ep 3.1 'Go Big or Go Home'
According to Ron's 'Swanson Pyramid of Greatness', crying is acceptable at two places. Name either.
Where was Tom working during the government shutdown?
At the beginning of the episode, Leslie is holding a meeting at what Pawnee restaurant?Ep 3.2 'Flu Season'
Andy introduces Ron to what burrito that 'literally killed a guy last year'?
What two word command does Chris give himself while staring into the mirror in the hospital?
Will Forte guest stars as a father determined to get what novel into the time capsule?Ep 3.3 'Time Capsule'
One public form attendee wants to put his cat's ashes into the time capsule. His cat shares a name with what vegetable?
Another townsperson wants a different book in the capsule: an autobiography of whom? Or, give the title of the book.
Ben's appreciation for what food item first appears as he suggests what for the policeman's party?Ep 3.4 'Ron & Tammy: Part Two'
What does Jerry get Ron for his 'reception' that Ron and Tom are using at the end of the episode?
Ron claims that his and Tammy's song is what?
Who is hilariously awful on TV and radio during the media blitz?Ep 3.5 'Media Blitz'
Name any of the five words Ron types on his new typewriter after he says he's going to type every word he knows.
One of the tasks April makes Andy do is to photograph something that 'encapsulates the spirit of' what?
What business is the odious Dennis Feinstein in?Ep 3.6 'Indianapolis'
What is the name of Ron's favorite steakhouse?
What nickname did Leslie have in high school, more because of her haircut than her investigative prowess?
What tiny horse makes his first appearance at the beginning of this episode?Ep 3.7 'Harvest Festival'
Where did they find the tiny horse after he wandered off?
Who gives Leslie the generator she needs to restore the festival?
What food items complete the Ron Swanson line: 'Give me all the ____ and ____ you have.'Ep 3.8 'Camping'
What does Tom call his glamour tent, possibly an homage to a 1980s Mel Gibson movie?
Name the Bed and Breakfast the group heads to, or name its proprietress.
What actress does Ron describe as 'that toothy girl from Mystic Pizza'?Ep 3.9 'Andy and April's Fancy Party'
Who is April's weird, morose friend?
Name either April or Andy's middle name.
Tom lists his special names for many items. What are 'food rakes'?Ep 3.10 'Soulmates'
While filling out an online dating profile, Leslie says that what animals are condescending?
Which of Chris's many burger ingredients does Ben think he might be allergic to?
Who is the pornographic film actress who appears on Perd's show to defend Jerry's painting?Ep 3.11 'Jerry's Painting'
What is the name of Perd's talk show?
What was Andy 'frying' to check to see if the smoke detector was working? (It doesn't.)
What does Eagleton erect next to a Pawnee park?Ep 3.12 'Eagleton'
Leslie starts a league for what activity at the end of the episode?
Leslie Carlisle Shay's dog is named after what liqueur?
What does Tom call his high-end, Kahlua-style liqueur he sells at his nightclub?Ep 3.13 'The Fight'
What specific food item is one of the only three things Ron stated he would endorse?
What is the name of the chlamydia-stricken wife of the former Pawnee Health Director?
What incendiary item does Ron give to Lauren, the girl doing a report on government?Ep 3.14 'Road Trip'
What is April's favorite band, a major disappointment to Andy?
What is the name of Tom's Newlywed Game-inspired game show idea?
Chris gives Tom and Andy an archiving job where in City Hall?Ep 3.15 'The Bubble'
What comic strip do Ben and Marlene both like?
Leslie puts a picture of ____ into a ____ for Ben to give to Marlene. (Must be in order)
Who is waiting for Ron in his office at the end of the episode?Ep 3.16 'Li'l Sebastian'
What does Andy title his song about Li'l Sebastian?
Name any of the shades of black that Tom rattles off after Jerry says that all the ribbons are black.

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