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QUIZ: Can you name the celebs with 2 first names?

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Sang 'You're so vain'
Played Tom & Barb's neighbour on Good Life
Art's mate
Celebrity chef - shops at Sainsbury's
Sang about a 7-day seduction technique
Orated after Caesar's death
Bond 6
Mary Anne Evans
Crocodile rocker
Was married to Christie Brinkley
Stephanie in Baywatch
Entered the dragon
Led the crickets
One quarter of East 17
Impressionist specialising in Coronation St stereotypes
Harry Webb
Fronted Wham!
Capitalised from Ben Jonson's disqualification
Dunder Mifflin boss
Bristol comic
Rebel without a cause
Friday night chatshow host
Sunderland manager
Started his career in the Jeff Beck Group
Roxeanne funnyman
King of the world
Silver-screen dancer
Former Slater 'sister'
Englishman who went up a hill blah blah blah
Married the Prince of Monaco

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