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Name one of the 4 principal explanations for Stalin's ascent to power by 1929
Which group of historians believe that Stalin's rise to power was due to his role in the party machine?
Name 1 of the 2 main structuralists historians
Which group of historians believe that Stalin's rise to power was due his own abilities?
Who is the main historian from the liberal school?
In what year was the soviet archives opened
When did Lenin die?
According to what system was the government supposed to be run from this point?
At which Communist Party Congress was Lenin's testament meant to be read out?
Who was the only member of the Politburo to escape serious criticism in the testament?
What post within the Party Machine did Stalin occupy in 1917?
In What year did Stalin become the Liaison Officer between the Politburo and Orgburo?
What other post did Stalin occupy in the same year as the answer for Question 13
In what year did Stalin become the General Secretary of the Communist Party?
Stalin's key role as Party Secretary gave him access to how many personal files
Between what years was the Lenin enrollment?
The Lenin enrollment increased the numbers of the Communist Party members by how many?
Stalin used the Party Machine to strip Trotsky of which important post in 1925?
Name 1 of the other 2 'Leftist' defeated by the Party Machine?
Name 1 of the 4 main issues that Stalin manipulated to defeat his enemies on the Left, then the Right
How did Stalin cultivate the 'Cult of Lenin' after the latter's death?
Stalin used the charge of 'Factionalism' against which pamphlet of Trotsky published in 1924?
Stalin used debates over the N.E.P. to expel which Rightist politician in 1929?
Give the alternative name for Trotsky's policy of 'Permanent Revolution' which Stalin criticised as being unpatriotic
In which year was the war scare that strengthened Stalin's belief in 'Socialism in one Country'?
In which year was Trotsky expelled from the Communist Party?
In which year was Trotsky expelled from the Soviet Union
Identify 1 of 4 political Skills that Stalin possesses

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