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Forced Order
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Name the leading Totalitarian historian
Name the main Revisionist historian
Name 1 of the 2 alternative terms for the Totalitarian perspective
What was the record number of death warrants signed by Stalin in 1 day?
What was the date that Stalin signed the record number of death warrants?
Name 1 of the 3 heads of the N.K.V.D.
Between which years was Beria the head of the N.K.V.D.?
What name was given to prisons that provided valuable labour?
What were the names given by Stalin to those in industry who allegedly held back progress?
What were the date of the 'Show Trails'?
The Show Trials were aimed at which group?
Name 1 of the 3 figures that were executed in 1936?
Name 1 of the 2 figures that were executed in 1938?
What was the name of Stalin's second wife, whose suicide in November 1932 supposedly triggered his paranoia?
What fraction of Bolshevik party in 1922 were eliminated?
What was the Trails of foreign and middle class industrial specialist in 1928?
How many of the 53 accused were shot?
What was the name of the individual who exposed concerns over Stalin's industrial and agricultural Policies?
What was the name of the former Moscow party secretary who was severely criticised Stalin in 1932?
What was the name of number 18s 200 page document?
What was the name of the old Bolshevik that called for the slowing down in in the pace of industrialisation?
At which party conference did Sergei Kirov receive long Standing ovations?
What fraction of delegates voted against Stalin?
Name 1 of the 2 members of the politburo on whom Stalin Could totally depend?
What was the date of the Kirov assassination?
What was Hitler's re-occupation of which territory and when encouraged Stalin to gain a tighter control over the soviet foreign policy?
Which skilled soviet general was executed in 1937
Revisionist claim that which organisations may have taken control of aspects of the Terror?
What was the nickname of the years 1936-38 when violence was at its height?
Name 1 of the 3 members of the Politburo who survived the Show Trials?
How many communist members were expelled in 1933?
By 1939, what percentage of the communist party members joined before 1920?
How many army officers were shot or imprisoned?
What was the rise numbers in the Red Army between 1936-1941?
What were the lower estimates by R. Reese of the percentage of army officers purged
How many new army officers needed to be recruited following the purges?
In what war between 1939-1940 were the U.S.S.R. humiliated against Finland?
What was the total number killed in the Terror according to R. Conquest?
Which was the most feared Gulag?

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