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Forced Order
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What term is given to the combined initiatives associated with 5-Year-Plan and Collectivisation?
Give a terms to describe the fact that Stalin and his government were driving forward the economic policies?
Which term describes the possibility that Stalin was responding to pressures from the N.E.P.?
By 1927, due to failings within the N.E.P., the soviet Government was able to obtain only what percentage of its grain targets?
What term is given to the failure of the peasants in 1927-1928 to fulfill the nations grain targets?
By 1927 what fraction had the grain exports fallen compared to 1913?
How many tons of grain was produced in 1927?
Compared to 1913?
What Percentage of land in 1927 was still sown and harvested using sickles and scythes?
Which class of peasant had become affluent due to the capitalist opportunities presented by the N.E.P.
There was fears that 2 specific groups would not be fed. Name 1 of the 2
Name 1 of the 3 'Rightist' politicians which were undermined and suppressed over the economic debates about the N.E.P.
The 'Rightist' opposition was usually referred to as what?
Name 1 of the 4 capitalist nations that sent forces during the Russian Civil War of 1918-1921
What year was the War Scare?
Militant Communist, who despise the capitalist N.E.P., harked nostalgically back at the 'good old days'-name 1 past event which now seemed all the more heroic?
The impending conflict with the Kulaks was given which ideological name?
How many tons of grain was produced by Collectivisation by 1938, 10 years after its introduction?
What Percentage of all land in collectives was made up of private plots?
Yet these 'Capitalist' plots produced what fraction of the food?
How many peasants were taught to drive tractors?
In 1930, how many tractors were there?
By 1940, how many tractors were there?
In 1930, how many combine harvesters were there?
By 1940, how many combine harvesters were there?
Initially grain production fell from 73.3 million tons in 1928 to what in 1934?
It took until which year for the grain production to reach pre-collectivisation levels?
What percentage of cattle were killed?
What percentage of horses were killed?
What percentage of sheep were killed?
How many peasant left for the towns
Name 1 of the 3 Rightist that were removed from the Politburo in 1929?
From 1934 what was the name of the secret police who imposed Stalin's will on the country?
What was the increase in the number of children in primary schools between 1929-1933?
What does R. Conquest call the 1932-1934 famine?
What was the total estimated number of deaths due to forced collectivisation?
How many of these were Ukrainian?
Stalin called for the Kulaks to be wiped out, what was the name for this elimination?
Give a term used by the communist to refer to the Kulaks?
Corin and Fiehn's case study of which place revealed an 'atmosphere of apathy and indifference'?

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