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The Soviet Union needed agriculture to fund industry, By 1927 what percentage of the grain targets were met?
What year was the 'Scissors Crisis'?
Name the groups in industry and agriculture which exploited the Capitalist opportunities provided by the N.E.P.
By 1927, what fraction had grain exports reached compared to the Pre-war figure in 1913?
Who was the Rightist supporter of the N.E.P.?
Name the overseas capitalist army that threatened the U.S.S.R. during the Civil War of 1918-1921
Name 1 of the 4 capitalist nations that sent forces against the Soviet Union?
Year of the 'War Scare'
Industrialsation had an ideological aim to remove what middle class group?
What Marxist term for lifeblood of Communism was use for the urban industrial class?
Name 1 of the 3 historians who see Stalin as an opportunist using rapid industrialisation as a means as promoting his position and image
According to Grant, 'Stalin was intending to install himself as the philosophical successor to...
Give the Dates of the First 5-Year-Plan
Give the Dates of the Second 5-Year-Plan
Give the Dates of the Third 5-Year-Plan
Who labelled the 1930s as an 'Economic Miracle'?
During the 5-Year-Plans, Coal production increased by how many times?
and Steel?
How many new power station, factories and metal working complexes were built during the First 5-Year-Plan?
Name the New city whose sole purpose was steel production?
How many Tons of Steel was the city (mentioned in Question 20) produced a day by 1937?
How Many new industrial plants were built in the Second 5-Year-Plan?
Which 'Soviet Hercules' achieved outstanding performances in 1935?
Who was in charge of the Third 5-Year-Plan which attempted to satisfy military needs of the U.S.S.R.?
The Third 5-Year-Plan increased military expenditure by how much? (in English Pounds)
Coal production increased from what figure in 1937, to what new figure in 1941? (answer in Million tons)
What name was to new industries, designed to help industry but also use as propaganda against the Capitalist West?
Name a Scheme that dismally failed
Who was the Aircraft Designer purged during the Second 5-Year-Plan?
Industry was move safety beyond which Russian mountain range?
Which propaganda term did the Russians give in their struggle against Germany?
The industrial Proletariat increased by what percentage between 1926-1933?
Complete this Communist ideological slogan 'There is no fortress...
Which American volunteer noted the intense enthusiasm at Magnitogorsk?
J. Laver Believes that Soviet Union's ideological crusade led then to become over-obsessed which what supposed crime?
Their obsessions are said to have damaged the Soviet economy for how long?
Skilled workers, engineers and foreign workers were given what negative label?
Food shortages were present until the Death of Stalin, What Year?
What percentage of the work force was made up of 'bemused and bewildered peasants' in 1932?
Number 33 encouraged which 'crime', incurring severe punishments?

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