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Can you name the Musicals Created by Changing one Letter in the Title of a Real Musical?

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DescriptionFake MusicalReal Musical
A group of hippies celebrate free love, drugs and their favourite meteorological phenomenon while evading conscription into the Vietnam War.
A group of bohemian New Yorkers, struggling as the year 2000 approaches, vent their frustrations in lengthy posts on internet forums.
A transexual alien with a healthy ego tries to seduce a young couple into a life of debauchery in this adaptation of 'Frankenstein'.
A young woman is caught in a storm, damaging her weave and transporting her to a magical land. A magical man may return her home (and restore her hair) if she follows a path.
A young man, part of a gang known for wearing sleeveless jackets, falls in love with a young woman whose brother is part of a rival gang.
This long-running musical tells a series of 'tails' about vermin, inspired by T.S. Eliot poems.
Love cannot overcome when the Cold War interferes in an international torso competition set in Bangkok.
A mysterious amphibian returns to 19th century London to seek revenge through a misuse of his barbering skills
DescriptionFake MusicalReal Musical
The actors perform on roller skates in this musical about a magic train set governed by a female ruler.
A young woman takes on a job as a governess in Siam where she discovers a mysterious videotape which causes the viewer to die seven days after watching it.
A young man enjoys a successful pinball career despite a childhood-trauma-induced digestive problem.
The ambitious wife of a South American politician has died. Detailed funeral arrangements may be found in your Inbox or Spam folder.
A group of friends take a vacation to a cabin in the woods where they are attacked by a horde of the hearing impaired.
If you make a group of all musicals, this one is part of a smaller group based on Hollywood films. It is the story of a struggling screenwriter and a silent film star.
The students in this musical are meant to be successful musicians, actors and dancers. It's their destiny!

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