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Can you answer the trivia to The First Turnabout from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney?

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As this is the first case in the series, this case holds a lot of first times in the games. Who was the first defendant?
Who was the victim?
What was the murder weapon, which would later appear in the next case?
Who was the prosecutor in this case?
What did Frank Sahwit throw in Wright's face?
What country had the victim just returned from?
Who said the line 'Death! Despair! Ohhhh! I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna die!!!'?
What did Wright say his grade school's saying was?
Besides Mia Fey, what other wrong answer was a choice when asked who the victim in the case is?
What does Sahwit sell?
What time did Sahwit claim to find the body?
Fill in the blank for the second Witness Testimony title. 'The ____ of Discovery'.
What part of The Thinker is a switch, which tilting it causes it to say the time out loud?
The clock was slow by how many hours?
Fill in the quote from Mia. 'Yes, you! I can practically see the headlines now: '_____ Butz, Innocent!'
How many total pieces of evidence are in the Court Record in this case (not counting Profiles)?

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