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Can you answer the trivia to Turnabout Sisters from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney?

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What were Mia Fey's, the victim in this case, final words before she died?
What word was written on the back of a receipt in Mia's blood?
On the phone call, what food did Maya say she wanted for dinner?
For the second time in the series, what was the murder weapon?
What is the hotel in this case called?
What's the name of the detective who was first introduced in this case?
What does the strap on Maya's phone say?
What room number did April May and Redd White stay in?
Fill in the blank from the Wright quote. 'The 'clock' was empty. It couldn't have rung! Therefore, this witness... is a big, ___ liar!'
According to the Bellboy's first testimony, how many generations has the hotel been in business?
What Incident was written on the back of both photographs?
How expensive was the glass light stand according to the receipt?
And what day was the glass light stand bought on?
What 'nickname' did White often call Wright throughout the case?
Speaking of nicknames, what does White say all his friends call him?
Even more nicknames, what did Maya start calling Wright after the case was finished?

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