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Painter _________ __________, who painted 80 covers for the Saturday Evening Post, is from Ellensburg.
Famous Seattle Mariner, ________ _________, has home in Ellensburg.
Ellensburg is in the ______ _______ of the Cascade Mountain Range.
The, ____________ ___________, which flows through Ellensburg, is home to some of the world's best fly fishing.
Ellensburg is home to the first non-humans to learn ______ ______.
Ellensburg is home to the world's fifth largest___________.
Dorothy M. Metcalf-Lindenburger, an alum of the university in Ellensburg, is famous for being a(n) ____________.
The ____________ river, east of Ellensburg, produces more hydroelectricity than any other North American river.
ClueBlankAdditional Fact
The Kittitas Valley's cash crop is _____ ________ .
Ellensburg was once said to have the highest per capita number of ___________ __________.
The early grunge band, The _______ _________, are from Ellensburg.
Quarterback John Kitna is an alumnus of Ellensburg's _______________ _____________ University.
Ellensburg was in the running for Washington's state capitol until the fire in _____________. (year)
The Ellensburg Blue is a kind of precious __________ found in the Kittitas Valley.
The scenic _________ mountain range is easily visible north of Ellensburg.
Ellensburg is the county seat of ___________ county.

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