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Who plays the nightman in The Nightman Cometh?
What does Dee have to save from a burning building?
Who is Mac's idol?
What was Frank's boxer name?
Who wins the dance marathon?
Who eventually gets on the Paddy's Pub billboard?
Whats the name of Mac, Dennis and Charlie's wrestling group?
How does Mac and Dee try to make the dumpster baby look Hispanic?
Where did the gang attempt to go but never make it out of Philly
Why was Dee's nickname the Aluminum Monster?
What was Rickety Cricket's job?
What is Dee's dream job?
Who wins the basketball team between Mac and Dee's team and Dennis' team?
What is wrong with Mac's crush Carmen?
What was Dennis and Dee's grandfather?
What is Charlie's alter ego?
What role does Mac take in the group (ex: the wildcard)
Who is the fighter of nightman?
Why can't the gang have a wet t-shirt contest with the North Korean girl?
What is the name of the play Charlie wrote?

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