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Can you name the races, classes and key items from this classic RPG?

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Master of weapons and armorClass
Casts any will power spellClass
Casts any magic power spellClass
Best at stealing itemsClass
Heart shaped shieldClass
Carries a harpClass
Most versatile: can fight and cast spellsClass
Casts both will power and magic power spellsClass
Carries a big axeClass
Carries a chemical flaskClass
Looks like a shepherdClass
Maximum wisdomRace
Maximum strengthRace
Maximum Intelligence, lowest strengthRace
Maximum dexterityRace
Balanced statsRace
Most powerful armorKey Item
Most powerful weaponKey Item
Used to dig up most powerful armorKey Item
Used to dig up most powerful weaponKey Item
Needed to go past level fiveMark
Can pass lava Mark
Can pass force fieldsMark
Can pass the serpent guarding Exodus castleMark
Pray for this item in YewKey Item
Named Sun, Moons, Love, DeathKey Items
Pick in Ambrosia, give to SherryKey Item
A gift from Sherry, allows you to escapeKey Item
Win it from Pirates, just like in Final FantasyKey Item

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