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Can you name the Ultima Exodus NES Magic Spells and Special Attacks?

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Magic Power
Frightens away orcs and goblins 
A small fireball 
Use to 'enlighten' a dungeon 
Move down one level 
Move up one level 
Bigger fireball 
Randomly teleports the party 
Psychic blast against one enemy 
'Enlighten' a dungeon even more 
Cast one Cleric Spell 
Damages multiple foes with venom 
Destroys one enemy outright 
Freezes time for a few rounds 
Psychic blast damages several foes 
Affllicts all enemies with a disease 
Attempts to kill all foes at once 
Will Power
Scare skeletons and ghouls away 
Safely opens a trapped chest 
Cures a few HP's in one ally 
Use instead of a torch in a dungeon 
Levitate up one level 
Cast down one level 
Randomly move around in dungeon 
Dispells poison from one ally 
Transports party to dungeon entrance 
A longer lasting magic torch 
Cures many HP's in one ally 
Scry an overhead view of your location 
Destroys one enemy outright 
Return one ally from death 
Massive attack against all enemies 
Raise an ally who was turned to ash 
Monster Attack
Gold or item goes missing 
Damages one ally 
Damages all allies 
Attempts to poison allies 

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