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Forced Order
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Chorus Lyrics (First two lines)Song
'Mary wants to build it up, and Sherry wants to tear it all back down, girl'
'Twisting and turning, You're feelings are burning, You're (Song title)'
'I thought about it and I brought it out, I'm motivated by the lack of doubt'
'(Song title), I can't hide it, Come again get me excited'
'Like I said, You know I'm almost dead, You know I'm almost gone'
'Left on the floor, Leaving your body'
'Way upon the mountain where she died, All I ever wanted was your life'
'Your love is like a rollercoaster baby, Baby I wanna ride, yeah'
'Christ, I'm a sidewinder, I'm a California king!'
'(Song title), Is not yet what it ought to be'
Chorus Lyrics (First two lines)Song
'Never in the wrong time or wrong place, (Song) is the (title) on my face'
'Yes my favorite place to be, Is not a land called Honah Lee'
'How long, how long will I slide, Separate my side'
'You'll never burn me, You'll never burn me, I will be your heretic'
'We're all a bunch of brothers livin' in a cool way, Along with six million others in a place called L.A.'
'(Song title), Don't be a slave, No one can tell you, You've got to be afraid'
'I am a (Song title), I am a (Song title), I am a (Song title), I get all the bush I can
'California rest in peace, Simultaneous release'
'Blue you sit so pretty, West of the one'
'If you see me getting mighty, If you see me getting high, (Song title)'

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