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Can you name the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Things?

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Hints Awnsers
The Gangs Bar
He's a master of Karate, and Friendship, for everyone
Priest who became Homeless because of the gang
Charlie's favorite food
Frank confuses his life with the life of
What violent crime does the gang think is awesome
What does Charlie do in his 'Bad Room'
Dennis's system for getting women
Charlies mascot alter-ego
Where do Mac & Charlie go to pick up black girls
'You gotta pay the _____ to get into the boy's hole'
Sweet Dee & Dennis's cousin
What movie do Mac & Dennis watch repeatedly
Who are the Creepy Brothers
What is Charlie's Product
Sweet Dee's Friend
Hints Awnsers
Charlie's legal expertise
Who pooped the bed
The Love of Charlie's Life
Inspirational Speaker at Philadelphia Eagles Camp
Sweet Dee Dropped Out of
Why did Frank go to Vietnam
What is Mac's Jihad weapon
Dennis and Sweet Dee become addicted to which drug
Frank's favorite method of Torture
Patients in Rehab alongside
Proposed names for the Gangs band
Sweet Dee's high school nickname
What's Mac's Dad going to do to Mac & Charlie
Mac & Dennis's real estate names
What disease allegedly causes the loss of Mac & Dennis's legs

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