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Group led by Optimus Primal
Group led by Megatron
What other name is Rampage know by...
Techno-organic body upgrade
Inferno generally refers to Megatron as...
Alien race that created the second moon
Energy source on Earth
Artifact Megatron searches for
Capsules containing protoforms orbiting Earth
Council that wants to eliminate Megatron
Maximal that says 'We're all gonna die'
Predacon double agent for Council
Beleives in fighting with honor
Strange, partially completed protoform befriended by Silverbolt and Rampage
Maximal auto defense system
Decepticon sent to elimiate Megatron
Name for bots with two animals combined into one beast modes
Technology that allows for time travel
Decepticon flagship piloted by Megatron in finale
Predacon inhabited by spark of Starscream
Predacon transformation code
Maximal transformation code
Autobot flagship that the Maximals fight to protect

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