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How much do you know about Rab C. Nesbitt (British TV Series)

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What talent does Rab's youngest son have a gift for ?
What is the Original Name For The Local Pub ?
What Essential Does Jamesie Bring to do a sponsored walk ?
Who do Jamesie and Rab accidently murder (malkay) ?
What is the name of Mary's New Sexy Lodger, when she throws Rab Out ?
What drink does Rab's mum keep offering him when he visits her ?
What Are The Names of Rab & Mary's Two Sons ?
As a profession, What did Norrie Train As ?
Who is the Young Landlord of the Pub ?
What is Jamesie's Middle Name ?
Who's wife is Bobbie ?
Who did Ella dump to marry Jamesie ?
What Is The Name of Jamesie's Wife ?
Apart from Jamesie, What are the Names of Rab' Other Two Drinking Buddies ?
What Is The Nickname of Mary's Cousin Hugh, who now lives in England ?
What is Gash's daughters name ?
What is the name of Rab's nephew, who comes to stay with The Nesbitts ?
Where does Mary's cousin Hugh Now Live ?
What is the name of the tonic wine the monks brew ?
Who's wife is Estelle ?

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