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Can you name the answers to trivia from late 1990s Nickelodeon shows?

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Legends of the Hidden Temple
This animal has a shrine to it in the temple maze 
Giant talking stone head 
This can save you from the temple guards 
Favorite place to eat 
Leather jacket-wearing bully 
Favorite band 
Town they live in 
Song from Doug's garage band 
Assistant Principal at school 
Skeeter's Real Name 
Doug's least favorite food 
Doug's superhero alter ego 
All That
Welcome to _____, home of the _____. Can I take your order? 
This superhero is lactose intolerant 
This is ______ for your everyday life. 
Send her letters asking for advice. 
Don't ask him to fix your stuff 
'Show starts in 5 minutes.' 
This group sings the intro song 
Kenan and Kel
They live in this city 
Kenan works in this store 
Kenan and Kel accidentally injure this NBA player at the store 
Kel loves this. (it's true) 
Kenan's Boss 
Kenan and Kel's last names in the show 
Kenan's little sister 
This artist sings the intro song 
Hey Arnold
Number on Gerald's shirt 
The name of Arnold's pet pig 
Helga let Arnold win a spelling bee by misspelling this word 
Most accident-prone character 
Always has his belly button sticking out 
Big nose, country accent 
School they went to 
Fifth grade bully 
Big Bob Pataki sells these 
Tommy uses this to escape the playpen 
Angelica's doll 
Tommy's Dog 
Chuckie's last name 
Phil and Lil have a picture of this animal on their clothes 
Grandpa Pickles's first name 
Green dinosaur 
Angelica's favorite food 
Action League Now! member 
Action League Now! member 
Action League Now! member 
Action League Now! member 
Alien/caveman duo 
Rocko's Modern Life
Rocko is this kind of animal 
The characters live here 
Rocko's bovine best friend 
Rocko's turtle friend 
Rocko's dog 
Rocko's neighbors 
This line can be heard at the end of the intro theme song 

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