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Can you name the people who have a common first name as a last name?

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Famous homemaker with own television show and magazine
Comedian with a sitcom on The WB from 1996-2002
synonymous with being a traitor
Major League Baseball all-time career strikeout leader
Singer-songwriter who collaborated with Art Garfunkel
Baseball player with the second most career home runs
He was Livin' la Vida Loca in 1999
Actor who died in a car crash in 1955
The Daily Show with _____________
New York 'Piano Man'
Aerosmith frontman
Give him liberty or give him death
Dave Chappelle was this super freak, bitch!
This actor was Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor from 1991-1999
The King of Queens who also had a job as a Mall Cop
Dr. Emmett Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy
90s teen idol and 'Home Improvement' middle child
Always has a rockin' New Years Eve
Written, produced, and directed films such as 'Jungle Fever' and 'Summer of Sam'
Formerly incarcerated famous homemaker with own television show and magazine
English singer-songwriter, composer and pianist who has sold over 200 million albums
Wrote in her famous diary while in Amsterdam
Fashion designer with a clothing line you can play Polo in
Led Major League Baseball in home runs in 2006 and 2008
'The Da Vinci Code' director
Seinfeld actor or former Britney Spears husband
Actor who was arrested in Los Angeles for lewd conduct in a public place with a prostitute
'When Harry Met Sally' and 'Sleepless in Seattle' actress
Founding Father/inventor/scientist
Rock and Roll singer-songwriter who died in a plane crash in 1959
Good Will Hunting star who is also Ben Affleck's BFF
Cleveland Cavaliers small forward
'Pink Panther' and 'Cheaper by the Dozen' actor
'Bad Boys' and 'Blue Streak' actor
Kansas City Royal involved in the 'pine tar incident'
WNBA player who spent her career playing for the Los Angeles Sparks
Jamie Foxx portrayed him in a 2004 film
She is credited for making the first American flag
Chairman of Marvel Comics
Mellow TV painter with an afro

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